Feather wall art - Sue Neale creating art



Sue Neale is a Sunshine Coast artist living in the charming hinterland town of Montville and creates unique feather wall art.


Her feather art journey began in 2015 when she rediscovered some forgotten feathers in an old tin trunk. Studying these feathers closely, Sue noticed their intricate beauty and was inspired to create unique artworks with them.


Sue recognises that using a different medium offers viewers a new perspective. Her ethical wall art breathes new life and energy into birds, by recycling their feathers and preserving them in Perspex.



Sue’s wall art can transform a space through her expressive and imaginative use of feathers.

The design process begins with the feathers, drawing on inspiration from their natural form and beauty. From here, Sue begins to tell a story where each artwork is as unique as the individual feathers.

Placed onto beautiful Italian Fabriano paper and preserved in Perspex, your feather artwork is ready to hang.

These individual artworks offer a connection to the artist and the bird from which the feathers came.

Feather wall art - work in progress on the table



The feathers used to create your feather wall art are sourced and collected ethically from the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia.


Living in an area abundant with native bird life, Sue collects naturally shed feathers while wandering the hinterland hills and on her local travels.


Well known in her community and with a large online following, neighbours, friends and even strangers have helped Sue source remarkable feathers that form the basis of her unique wall art.